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We provide targeted support for all types of agreements and contracts related to Industrial and Intellectual Property:

  • agreements for the assignment of trademarks, designs, domain names, patents (including discussion of the consideration for the assignment, price excluding VAT or net price, with or without customers, etc.) and its registration with the tax authorities and the National Trademark Registry
  • licensing agreements for trademarks, designs, domain names and patents, with a particular focus on the level of royalties and the choice of royalty accounting
  • the IP part (only) of more global contracts such as franchising, company takeover, business takeover, employment contract, etc.
  • trademark coexistence agreements

Whatever the size of the business, there is a vast array of contracts which are not all of the same importance and do not have the same issues at stake.

Preference should therefore be given to a differentiated approach whereby contracts are managed according to their economic importance or strategic interest or any other consideration.

We know that whenever any contract comes to an end, this is a potential opportunity to create value as it is often the right time to secure better conditions. We offer a contract management service ranging from simple contract expiry management to more sophisticated approaches where we manage the notice period well in advance in order to take into account the different key moments in the life of the contract.

In order to put in place this contract management service, we developed our own IT tools that can monitor the various stages of your contracts and which are designed to sit alongside our own advisory support.

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Filings and Renewals

We separate the act of filing from prior analysis of the relevance and content of the filing (classes, wording).


As part of our work to monitor our clients’ trademarks in France and abroad following trademark filings...

Portfolio Audit

Analysis and optimisation of your trademark, design and domain name portfolios...


It is clear that having a proper personal data management policy brings peace of mind for any company and is a source of financial value.


To reduce the occurrence and/or consequences of these incidents, we suggest tools that can help contain these risks and support you in putting these in place.

Dispute Management

Notre cabinet concentre ses efforts pour résoudre les litiges à l’amiable et ainsi éviter des frais d’opposition

Trademark Search

Trademark Search for legal approval of your plans...