Dedicated or shared servers, what questions should be asked to make the right choice?

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A computer server is a space for storing and sending data, a device that automatically responds to requests from other devices. It is of course used to support the data exchanges of an application, a website or an information system for a company.

What are my needs? What’s my budget? Do I prefer powerful performance or greater flexibility?  Is the traffic on my site low, medium or high?

Here are a few examples of questions to ask yourself when choosing the type of hosting service best suited to your own situation.
Depending on the situation, it may be advisable to opt for a shared server (a less costly form of hosting), which would be better suited to lighter traffic and data with no business sensitivity, bearing in mind that it will be shared with other clients, increasing the risk of slowness and faults due to heavy traffic from other users.
On the other hand, to ensure better IT security and performance, and to benefit from management freedom, we recommend choosing a dedicated server, provided you have the required budget.

Whatever the situation, don’t hesitate to contact the MIIP – MADE IN IP teams to review the terms of your hosting contract and obtain the necessary guarantees from your service provider.

Diana CUNHA LOPES / IP Lawyer