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Filings and Renewals

Trademark filings

We separate the act of filing from prior analysis of the relevance and content of the filing (classes, wording).

Before any filing takes place and only at your express request, we can:

  • assess the legal relevance of this filing,
  • propose protective measures,
  • draft appropriate wording.

This strategic support is offered on the basis of a prior personalised estimate of the fees involved. If you do not require this support, we will carry out the filing within 48 hours of receiving your complete instructions (including the list of goods and services to be named in the trademark application).

The service we provide

  • Preparation and filing of the trademark application
  • Email confirmation of the filing
  • Entry of the relevant timings into our database
  • Sending of the registration certificate by post
  • For French word marks, free monitoring in France in the year of filing
  • Entry of this information in your secure space on Sherpa, which you can access at any time, and monitoring of the registration procedure
For foreign filings, we work with local agents

Made In IP

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Dans le cadre de la surveillance des marques de nos clients en France comme à l’étranger parmi les dépôts de marques

We believe that a period of reflection is required before submitting trademark renewals in order to ensure effective management of the IP budget. This is often a good way of making savings so…

…we do not systematically carry out renewals.

We recommend to our clients that they reconsider every year whether the registered trademark (to be renewed) is consistent with their activities/plans (which sign/logo exactly? which territories? which activities?).

This period of reflection is designed to enable our clients to make the right choices and ensure that their IP rights remain strong and not exposed to vulnerability.

We therefore send our clients, around June or July time, a list of their trademarks that are expiring in the following year.

Any decision-making usually takes place in a joint meeting with the marketing department. We do not charge any fees for this meeting.

Recherche d'Antériorité

Vérification en France, en Europe ou dans le monde de la disponibilité de vos marques ou dessins et modèles avant leur dépôt.


Détenir une véritable politique de gestion des données personnelles est, à l’évidence, un gage de sérénité pour toute entreprise ainsi qu’une source de valorisation financière.


Pour réduire la survenance des ces incidents et/ou leurs conséquences, Inlex vous propose sa vision sur les outils aidant à contenir ces risques et vous accompagne pour les mettre en place.


Made In IP intervient, de manière pointue, sur tout type de contrat lié à la Propriété Industrielle et Intellectuelle

Gestion des Contentieux

Notre cabinet concentre ses efforts pour résoudre les litiges à l’amiable et ainsi éviter des frais d’opposition

Audit de Portefeuilles

Nous déterminons et réalisons des stratégies d’optimisation de gestion et de défense de la valeur de ces droits de propriété industrielle.