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Filings and Renewals

Trademark filings

We separate the act of filing from prior analysis of the relevance and content of the filing (classes, wording).

Before any filing takes place and only at your express request, we can:

  • assess the legal relevance of this filing,
  • propose protective measures,
  • draft appropriate wording.

This strategic support is offered on the basis of a prior personalised estimate of the fees involved. If you do not require this support, we will carry out the filing within 48 hours of receiving your complete instructions (including the list of goods and services to be named in the trademark application).

The service we provide

  • Preparation and filing of the trademark application
  • Email confirmation of the filing
  • Entry of the relevant timings into our database
  • Sending of the registration certificate by post
  • For French word marks, free monitoring in France in the year of filing
  • Entry of this information in your secure space on Sherpa, which you can access at any time, and monitoring of the registration procedure
For foreign filings, we work with local agents

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Dispute Management

Notre cabinet concentre ses efforts pour résoudre les litiges à l’amiable et ainsi éviter des frais d’opposition


As part of our work to monitor our clients’ trademarks in France and abroad following trademark filings...

Portfolio Audit

Analysis and optimisation of your trademark, design and domain name portfolios...


It is clear that having a proper personal data management policy brings peace of mind for any company and is a source of financial value.


To reduce the occurrence and/or consequences of these incidents, we suggest tools that can help contain these risks and support you in putting these in place.


We provide targeted support for all types of agreements and contracts related to Industrial and Intellectual Property.

Trademark Search

Trademark Search for legal approval of your plans...