Our Expertise

Franchising & Retail

Over 25 years of expertise in the retail and distribution sector

Made in IP has over 25 years of expertise in the retail and distribution sector. We have a dedicated team ready and able to support retailers in the protection and leveraging of their industrial property assets.

Thanks to our experience, we have developed our own exclusive methodology and specific client offerings.

Whom do we help?

Whatever your role is, our team of experts will support you at each key moment in the life of the network:

  • creation
  • expansion, both nationally and internationally
  • development (cross-channel)
  • disruption in the network
  • reorganization
  • external growth

Made In IP supports you and centralises your relations with other experts in order to:

  • Protect your industrial property assets
  • Secure your rights and ensure you can operate within the network
  • Leverage your know-how
  • Manage your industrial property budget and optimise your tax situation
  • Ensure your rights remain unaffected in times of crisis
  • Coordinate the involvement of other experts (creative agencies, developers, lawyers, accountants, etc.) in the retail and distribution sector.

Thanks to our creativity and knowledge of your industry, we can offer you smart advice to act at the right time and optimize your spending to increase the value of your network.

Intellectual property at the right price

Our efficient set-up (quality process, computerisation, data security, human service) means that we are able to optimise costs. The budgetary constraints faced by businesses in the retail and distribution sector and in the networks are tackled through a strategy that is tailored to each individual context.

Because cost should not be an obstacle when it comes to protecting your industrial property assets, we plan ahead for expenditure by drawing up a controlled budget and establishing a lower level of fees.

Made In IP

Our teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions relating to our services and solutions.

Discover our Expertise in Intellectual Property Consulting​

Notre approche des litiges

Notre cabinet concentre ses efforts pour résoudre les litiges à l’amiable et ainsi éviter des frais d’opposition.

Programme de formations

Forts de leur solide expérience, les juristes d’INLEX IP Expertise proposent à leurs clients et prospects des formations et ateliers en droit de la propriété intellectuelle et en droit du numérique.

IT & Digital

Une expertise en Propriété Intellectuelle et NTIC pour mener à bien vos projets informatiques.

Valorisation & Stratégie Fiscale

Forts de notre expertise juridique exclusivement axée sur les marques et les noms de domaine, nous déterminons et réalisons des stratégies d’optimisation...

Outils et process pour dépôts

Fort de son domaine d’activité spécifique et spécialisé, notre cabinet a choisi d’investir dans la création et le développement d’un logiciel métier interne qui lui est propre.

Vins & Spiritueux

Fort de son expertise transversale en droit des marques et en droit des vins et spiritueux, nos équipes accompagnent les acteurs de la filière viticole et optimise la gestion spécifique de leurs marques.