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Our expertise in Intellectual Property and NICT helps you to fulfil your IT projects

For their own peace of mind, all businesses need to know how to plan ahead and keep their IT creations secure, to protect their software and databases, to operate a proper personal data management policy and need to know how to draw up their IT contracts. This is also the best way of making the most of their investment and not letting opportunities slip away.

Every business must be capable of managing the vast number of stages involved in an IT project from design to rollout.

Businesses must ensure that their contracts contain the essential safeguards that give them the freedom to change service providers (and perhaps make savings) and to avoid having to respond urgently in the event of problems such as a database crash, unexpected crash affecting their e-commerce site, problems with transferring data from one service provider to another, exceeding the number of authorised users under the software licence and so on.


  • You wish to put in place or maintain GDPR compliance
  • You have developed software or a computer system or an application and you need to protect your investment
  • You want to profit from your creativity
  • You need safeguards as to the sustainability of your operating system
  • You have expended a lot of resources (time, manpower, money) in building your database, which is now a genuine economic asset for your business that needs to be secured
  • You do not know what safeguards are available for your IT contracts to ensure a peaceful collaboration
  • Your contractual relations require you to adhere to certain timings

… We have created a Legal Strategy & Data – IT Projects department

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We focus on resolving disputes amicably thus avoiding opposition costs.

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Made In IP's IP lawyers are experienced in their business and offer training courses and workshops on intellectual property law and digital law to both existing and prospective clients.

IT & Digital

Our expertise in Intellectual Property and NICT helps you to fulfil your IT projects

Optimisation & Tax Strategy

Thanks to our legal expertise in trademarks and domain names, we devise and implement strategies to optimize, manage and protect the value of these industrial property rights.

Franchising & Retail

Made in IP has over 25 years of expertise in the retail and distribution sector. We have a dedicated team ready and able to support retailers in the protection and leveraging of their industrial property assets.

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Thanks to our cross-disciplinary expertise in trademark law and wine and spirits law, our teams are able to support businesses in the wine industry and help them to improve the management of their trademarks.

Filing tools and processes

Given that we operate in a very specific and specialist field, we made the strategic investment decision to create and develop our own in-house business software. SHERPA IP, certified in 2011 by the French Ministry of Research, helps make our teams more efficient and raises the quality of service offered to our clients.