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Here at MIIP we support our employees throughout their careers.

Our employees all have different profiles, ranging from paralegals to IP lawyers and experienced IP attorneys. Our DNA is enriched by the variety of our staff and their different backgrounds. Whether you have followed a traditional career path or carved out an unusual one, everyone can find their place in a collaborative team that is built to last.

A large number of in-house sessions are organized throughout the year so that our employees can brush up on their subject knowledge. We encourage everyone to come up with ideas to drive the firm forward. It is thanks to this positive mindset that our lawyers who sit the IP attorney competitive examination have an excellent success rate.

It is the people who work at MIIP who are best placed to speak about what it is like to work for the firm:

“MIIP is a firm that opens up opportunities: opportunities to learn, to progress, to grow, to become more effective, to look ahead, to anticipate the next move, to discover oneself and to gain new skills. Given the diversity of our work, the subjects we tackle, the sectors in which our clients operate, the fact that we are always monitoring what is happening in our industry and keeping an eye on the changing regulations and that we are determined to do better and to innovate while working closely alongside our clients, it is my firm belief that we are constantly developing. I can say quite honestly that I have never been bored for a day, or even a single minute, since I joined the teams more than 20 years ago! “

Charlotte URMAN – IP attorney

Internships are seen as a springboard to future collaboration, which is why we welcome many trainees in our various offices. Our trainees have access to all in-house training courses and are genuinely involved in our clients’ projects, while being supervised and monitored by a team leader. It is not uncommon for MIIP trainees to be hired as a junior IP lawyer and then as a senior IP attorney.

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