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Trademark monitoring

As part of our work to monitor our clients’ trademarks in France and abroad following trademark filings, we take care to:

  • Define a selection filter in agreement with you in order to optimise the monitoring process so that our clients’ email inboxes are not overwhelmed with alerts of irrelevant trademark filings
  • Alert our clients sufficiently in advance of the administrative deadlines to enable them to analyse the trademarks detected, to make considered decisions and, where applicable, to enable disputes to be settled amicably. This is only possible if our clients are given sufficient time to reach their decisions following the alerts that we bring to their attention
  • Prepare clear and succinct monitoring reports, typically in table form, so that instructions can be gathered more quickly
  • Draft strategic recommendations to assist the decision-making process

What we do specifically:

We work with our clients to put in place response strategies to pre-filter the filings we send you and limit the number of filings sent for information only.

We create monitoring tables based on information sourced from an online database of trademark publications and according to the jointly agreed filter, adding our recommendations on the strategy to be adopted with respect to the filing observed.

In order to obtain your instructions on what to do next, we make sure that
we remind you before the end of the administrative deadline:

  • At least one month before the expiry of the opposition period for French trademarks
  • At least two months before the expiry of the opposition period for EUIPO trademarks.
  • Within 15 days of receiving the information, for international or foreign trademarks

Benefits of working with Inlex: our organisation

Inlex IP Expertise offers you pre-selected alerts as well as monitoring of domain names reserved by third parties.
We also offer monitoring of your trademarks on the web, for which a strategy needs to be defined:

  • Choice of media to be monitored (global monitoring, monitoring on social media,
    monitoring on commercial sites)
  • Definition of a selection filter based on a list of
  • Definition of the type of reaction

In carrying out these operations, we use various tools to:

  1. Identify infringing sites
  2. Identify cases of traffic diversion (e.g. parking page)
  3. Identify speculative filings
  4. Minimise the risks of digital identity theft
  5. Monitor the network (distributors, subsidiaries, etc.)
  6. Identify attacks on e-reputation

As part of this monitoring process, we take care to:

  1. Define with our clients the scope of the monitoring requested (what frequency? sub-domain? homography? level of similarity?)
  2. Where applicable, propose effective monitoring filters
  3. Identify the appropriate technical provider
  4. Send a tailored quotation

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