Our Expertise

Optimisation & Tax Strategy

Thanks to our legal expertise in trademarks and domain names, we devise and implement strategies to optimize, manage and protect the value of these industrial property rights.

Our operational know-how is tailored to your circumstances and ambitions and enables the following:
  • Analysis of the economic and competitive environment around your industrial property rights
  • Assessment of the legal force of your rights (intrinsic value, legal availability, reactivity, etc.)
  • Strengthening of the legal basis of your protection in keeping with your activity, positioning and growth
  • Choice of the most appropriate legal tools, approaches and mechanisms to secure and enhance the value of your trademarks and domain names

Increasing the value of your industrial property rights is part of a review process.

This is a prerequisite for financial transactions ranging from simple disposals, loss quantifications and private equity operations.

This means that the value of an intangible asset can also be determined at any given moment in time.

We therefore offer our clients a global approach built around three major themes:

  • EVALUATE your Industrial Property rights
  • OPTIMIZE the value of your creations
  • DETERMINE the value of your intangible assets

As an IP firm we support businesses in the creation of their intangible assets and, as such, we are very often closely involved in the thinking of business owners when it comes to organising their financial flows. 

We support our clients and help them to answer a number of questions such as:

  • who should own the intangible assets?
  • how can we make these intangible assets available to third parties?
  • what type of contract should we choose?
  • what level of royalties should be put in place?
  • what choices are there in terms of royalty accounting?

To provide answers to these various questions, it is necessary to call on expertise from different sources and, depending on the circumstances in question, we partner with experts in economic valuation, tax lawyers, chartered accountants and auditors.

Made In IP

Our teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions relating to our services and solutions.

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Outils et process pour dépôts

Fort de son domaine d’activité spécifique et spécialisé, notre cabinet a choisi d’investir dans la création et le développement d’un logiciel métier interne qui lui est propre.

Programme de formations

Forts de leur solide expérience, les juristes de Made In IP proposent à leurs clients et prospects des formations et ateliers en droit de la propriété intellectuelle et en droit du numérique.

IT & Digital

Une expertise en Propriété Intellectuelle et NTIC pour mener à bien vos projets informatiques.

Valorisation & Stratégie Fiscale

Forts de notre expertise juridique exclusivement axée sur les marques et les noms de domaine, nous déterminons et réalisons des stratégies d’optimisation...

Franchise & Retail

Made In IP a développé depuis plus de 25 ans une expertise pour le secteur de la distribution. Au sein du cabinet, une équipe dédiée accompagne les acteurs du retail pour organiser la protection et la valorisation de leurs actifs de propriété industrielle.

Vins & Spiritueux

Fort de son expertise transversale en droit des marques et en droit des vins et spiritueux, nos équipes accompagnent les acteurs de la filière viticole et optimise la gestion spécifique de leurs marques.