Our Expertise

Our approach to disputes

We focus on resolving disputes amicably thus avoiding opposition costs

For administrative disputes and pre-litigation

In order to provide effective support to our clients, our strategic approach is as follows:

  • we keep ourselves right up to date with intellectual property case law
  • before advising on or commencing legal actions as claimant, we always place these actions in the context of our clients so as to maintain coherence between actions over time
  • we undertake our actions in line with the strategy previously established (see Monitoring).
  • we consider and anticipate the consequences and adverse effects of actions and failing to act
  • we undertake defence actions with a forward-looking vision and creativity in devising arguments or winning strategies
  • we budget for each action in advance


Specifically, we send our clients:

  • a quotation for commencing the action and a price range for any subsequent litigation
  • information on the procedural deadlines to be observed and the next steps in the procedure
  • all official documents relating to the procedure

For legal disputes

We regularly work with law firms on following up legal proceedings. If our clients so wish, we can make suggestions regarding the choice of a lawyer to take charge of a legal dispute.

Our collaboration can take many forms: reflecting on and reviewing strategy, researching arguments, supplying documents, proofreading pleadings.

Our added value

Our forward planning and clear exposition of the issues at stake and the risks involved means that we can always act from a fully informed position.

Made In IP

Our teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions relating to our services and solutions.

Discover our Expertise in Intellectual Property Consulting

Our approach to disputes

We focus on resolving disputes amicably thus avoiding opposition costs.

Training Courses and Workshops

Made In IP's IP lawyers are experienced in their business and offer training courses and workshops on intellectual property law and digital law to both existing and prospective clients.

IT & Digital

Our expertise in Intellectual Property and NICT helps you to fulfil your IT projects

Optimisation & Tax Strategy

Thanks to our legal expertise in trademarks and domain names, we devise and implement strategies to optimize, manage and protect the value of these industrial property rights.

Franchising & Retail

Made in IP has over 25 years of expertise in the retail and distribution sector. We have a dedicated team ready and able to support retailers in the protection and leveraging of their industrial property assets.

Wines & Spirits

Thanks to our cross-disciplinary expertise in trademark law and wine and spirits law, our teams are able to support businesses in the wine industry and help them to improve the management of their trademarks.

Filing tools and processes

Given that we operate in a very specific and specialist field, we made the strategic investment decision to create and develop our own in-house business software. SHERPA IP, certified in 2011 by the French Ministry of Research, helps make our teams more efficient and raises the quality of service offered to our clients.